Individual consultations:


"I was suffering from a severe, constant headache over an extended period of time. It was debilitating to the point that I could not function properly at work, would come home and go straight to bed. Literally, I had no quality of life.

I had been through every medical tests imaginable, with no cause being found, given muscle relaxers and pain pills, tried deep massage therapy, acupuncture, exercises, etc… all with no cause found, or cure. I was not able to function on the medication, and knew it wasn't fixing anything, but simply masking the symptoms. I was not willing to settle for any of these treatments as a means to the end, knowing there had to be something else that could be done.

That's when I was steered in the direction of Dr. Madan and her natural methods by my chiropractor. She was truly interested in listening to my symptoms and asked questions that concerned my OVERALL health. She did not jump to conclusions on the cause, but instead spent the time to learn more about me beyond just the headaches. Long story short, working with Dr. Madan and following the suggested treatments and healing methods, I found the relief I needed. More importantly, I found the root cause of the problem and have learned how to treat my symptoms before a full-fledged headache occurs.

I attribute the change in my life to the treatments and methods that Dr. Madan introduced me to. I recommend her course of treatment, most importantly because it makes one aware of how to heal your body, and not simply cover-up the symptoms of a health issue."

Kathy Sower


I was suffering with health problems for 15 years. I had headache, low energy, chronic pains, depression, panic attacs. Dr. Madan helped me relieve stress and restored over health balance in my body. I especially liked the therapeutic breathing exercises and homeopathy. After 2 months, most of my pain was gone and I was energetic again! Not only was my body health restored, but Dr. Z helped me purify my soul and mind from all the negative junk. Now I am healthy! Thank a lot! I recommend her to everyone.

Elena Balashova, 41 years


I came to Dr. Madan when the medical field could not determine the cause of pain in my left side - tests showed no abnormalities in my colon or kidneys. After a week of the Aloe Gel (before every meal) and the Bee Propolis (two per day) and the Royal Jelly tablets (2 per day). I felt much better and have continued on the same plan - cut in half - as a maintenance program. I recommend the treatment of Dr. Madan to all people with digestion problems! Natural medicine is powerful!



In March of 2014, I came to Doctor Madan for the treatment of a condition affecting my hands.  It’s called Dupuytren’s Contracture and is also known as Viking’s Disease.  The condition causes changes in the palms of one’s hand or hands.  Nodules can form under the skin and the condition can progress over time to cause some of the fingers to contract so that they are unable to straighten.  Before seeing Dr. Madan, I had 7 sessions of physical therapy including ultrasonic treatments in an attempt to break up or soften the nodules in my palms.  The physical therapy and ultrasonic treatments had not made a noticeable change in the nodules.  

Dr. Madan’s approach has been much more holistic, gentle and effective than the physical therapy.  She carefully questioned me about my family’s genetic history, my diet and emotional wellbeing.  Then she began a multifaceted approach to address my issues.  Using specialized hand massage in combination with essential oils and plant extracts, suggesting helpful changes to my diet, instructing me in breathing and visualization techniques, working with my body’s energy flow, etc, Dr. Madan has been able to get a positive response from the tissues in my hands. The nodules quickly responded to Dr. Madan’s healing massage and very noticeably softened.

Dr. Madan guided me to a new helpful and hopeful perspective on my condition and provided me with many tools to use on my own at home.  Her insights and positive support have been very beneficial.  After ten sessions, the nodules have softened and the tightness in my palms has subsided.   We are indeed fortunate to have Dr. Madan and her skillful approach to healing in our community.

Janice Schuster
West Lafayette, Indiana


Thank you for your wonderful and truly rejuvenating "Relaxation and Be Beautiful Workshops"! I have enjoyed each and every session that I attended. The workshops are clearly designed with care, thought and professionalism. All segments of your workshops are enjoyable—be it the stretching and breathing exercises, the free-movement dance and foot massage, or the Indian face massage, culminating in an aroma facial mask. The accompanying soothing classical music and aromatherapy help to create an ambience of relaxation and tranquility. Each of the sessions I have left rejuvenated and reinvigorated, and always with a sense of overall well-being and personal serenity. Thank you for providing these great workshops.

- Zinaida A. Breschinsky


I came to this class because I like to dance. Now I dance to classical music and love it! Zimfira makes the wonderful atmosphere of relaxation and fun! She is a great teacher! Pain in my legs is almost gone, spine has become more flexible. My overall feeling is now much better.

- Jane


I have been a student of Zimfira's for about three years. I wish I could accurately put into words just what her class has done for me. I have never enjoyed exercise, but I have to tell you her class has been the perfect outlet for me. I now enjoy exercise, because with Zimfira, the focus is not only on physical work, but encompasses the mind, body and spirit as well. I would highly recommend her special seminars . The first seminar I attended left me with a feeling of peace and also a great feeling of energy.

- Ann Bondi


I have been attending the class of Zimfira for 2 years. Finally, I found what I was looking for many years! I don't like exersices at all. But this class I really enjoy because of the beautiful music, dancing, using imagination, breathing wonderful aroma! Excelent combination! We use all our senses. And as a result I became much more healthy, my headache gone (I was suffering for many years), my back doesn't hurt me, I didn't cauch the flu and cold for 2 years. I reccomend to everybody this class!

- Elizabeth


My heart is filled with unspeakable gratefulness towards you. Through these exercises I have learned a lot from you. You are very dynamic and positive-attituded as a coach. Even when I feel tired your team spirit helps motivate me. These exercises have really helped to relieve me of stress and give my body flexibility. I think exercise is really important for everybody, so I hope your enthusiasm will expand to many more people and help them to become healthier. Also I appreciate very much that the Upper Room Christian fellowship allows us to use their facilities. Thank you again!

Bless you,
- Lisa


I come to Zemfira's class for over 3 years now. Her class stimulates all the senses via aromatherapy, classical music, exercises from yoga to free dance. Now I feel much more in tune with my own body and spirit. Her unique background and her other worldly spirituality gives her a presence that people are naturally drawn to.

- Luda Bell