Holistic Practioner Dr. Zimfira Madan

Dr. Madan works with each patient as an individual, using a wide variety of techniques and treatments to aid a person to reach their optimal state of well being. Her diagnostic techniques are a unique blend of western and eastern alternative medicine schools.

Dr. Madan believes that health is a balance of the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional. Dr. Madan has over 33 years of medical experience. After receiving her medical degree in pediatrics she practiced in various hospitals in Russian Federation and Moldova

Dr. Madan complimented her education with various alternative natural medicine nutrition, herbs, massage and osteopathy. She was an owner and chief practitioner at rehabilitation center for many years. During that time she toured Russia giving seminars on holistic and natural preventative medicine. She continued to follow her passion after immigrating to the United States.

As a member of the American Association of Drugless Practitioners she keeps up to date with the best practices in the modern holistic medicine in the United States. Zimfira also is a teacher for several exercise classes that relieve stress and involve moment of all muscles and joints. She uses music therapy, and Bach floral remedies in her practice.


Medical Degree in Pediatrics and Rehabilitation issued by Russian Ministry of Health, Russia. Over 33 years of experience.

Practitioner of Aromatherapy and Reflexology issued by Holistic Healers Academy of New Jersey, USA.

Professional Relaxation Therapist issued by School of Natural Health Science in London, England.

Practitioner of Osteopathy issued by School of Osteopathy, St. Petersburg, Russia.

Allergy Elimination Techniques- NAET, California, USA.

Completed Course in Cosmetology issued by International Institue of Aesthetic Medicine, St. Petersburg, Russia